Fit and Healthy Children

'Yoga for children?' YES! Children can do yoga and no they don’t have to stand still for the entire class! Children’s yoga classes are very different to adult classes; they are generally more energetic and noisy!

Yoga is a great way to introduce a physical activity into your child’s daily routine, in a way they’ll find enjoyable and fun. Caterpillar Toes classes have them singing, laughing, stretching, moving, balancing and relaxing!

Each class encourages your child to explore their physicality, increase their confidence and engage their minds.

Happy & Imaginative children

In our classes children could be walking like a lizard, balancing like a tree, swimming like a fish, pedalling a time machine, roaring like a lion... where ever their imagination takes them!

Parents often tell me they find their child in snake pose in the bath or bear walking around the garden!

Sessions are yoga-based, rather than a pure yoga session, so classes also include singing, drawing and games. The class structure is such that it is flexible and allows for free play and creativity. They’ll be having so much fun, they won't even realise they're learning!

Relaxed & Confident children

The classes aim to promote in children a healthy awareness of the body and the mind that will be instilled within their lives for many years to come.

An important part of the class is relaxation, using visualisations. The goal is simply to decrease stress, boost learning and develop memory.

Teaching our children to relax through visualisation allows time for reflection as opposed to the 'rushing around' that most children experience as part of their daily lives.